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Midgard 2.22.3

Ursa (9R) requested to merge ursa/midgard into master

This updates Midgard to latest with the additions:

  1. Pointing at the newly created blockstore including block transactions.
  2. The default configuration now truncates at the V1 genesis in preparation for the fork (standard practice will be to default to the most recent 2 forks to avoid unbounded growth).
  3. Adds a new reset target for the blockstore - this release will require manual reset of both the database and the blockstore.

The above will be explained in an announcement when this is merged. This will remain in draft until final testing is complete.

  • EDIT (pluto): this update will not trigger a fully resync. However, a full or partial resync is needed. Exec to your midgard and run ./trimdb <config> 16340001 or trigger a full resync manually by spinning up a new Midgard deployment with this version.
  • EDIT (ursa): This will trigger a full resync, the manual trimdb would only work if users were going from 2.22.1 to 2.22.2.
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