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# Geruechtegenerator
The rewrite of our project [Gerüchtegenerator](
Geruechtegenerator is a web based project that creates *rumors (Gerüchte)* from
a database (currently a .json file). The database contains rumors and names.
## Roadmap
A special datatype allows one to adapt sentences so certain words match the
gender of the selected name(s).
* Create a REST API based on [Tornado]
* Write a Frontend using [React]
# Include in you website
These two lines of code should suffice to include fresh rumors into your own
<div id="geruecht">Placeholder if you want</div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="path|url to scriptfile"></script>
Either get the script from here (frontend/js/gg3frontend.js) or include
the link to the script from the Geruechtegenerator's website (if you trust us):
If you add an `onclick="nextgeruecht()"` attribute to the element with
`id="geruecht"` you can let your users get new rumors as often as they want ;)
# Roadmap
* Create a REST API based on [Tornado] (25% done)
* Write a Frontend using [React] (25% done)
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