Commit 33c6c1ce authored by Craig Weber's avatar Craig Weber

Add Django 2.2 to test suite

parent 9a5cde45
......@@ -9,14 +9,14 @@ before_script:
stage: test
image: python:3.5
script: tox -e 'py35-django{111,200,210}'
script: tox -e 'py35-django{111,200,210,220}'
stage: test
image: python:3.6
script: tox -e 'py36-django{111,200,210}'
script: tox -e 'py36-django{111,200,210,220}'
stage: test
image: python:3.7
script: tox -e 'py37-django{200,210}'
script: tox -e 'py37-django{200,210,220}'
envlist = py{35,36,37}-django{111,200,210}
envlist = py{35,36,37}-django{111,200,210,220}
extras = development
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ deps =
django111: django>=1.11,<1.12
django200: django>=2.0,<2.1
django210: django>=2.1,<2.2
django220: django>=2.2,<2.3
commands =
flake8 src sandbox
{envpython} {toxinidir}/sandbox/ test soap
{envpython} -Wd {toxinidir}/sandbox/ test soap
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