Commit 0a65073a authored by Craig Weber's avatar Craig Weber

Merge branch 'custom_plugins' into 'master'

Add ability to get a client with a defined list of plugins

See merge request !1
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......@@ -46,13 +46,15 @@ def get_transport():
return HttpTransport()
def get_client(wsdl, log_prefix, **kwargs):
def get_client(wsdl, log_prefix, plugins=[], **kwargs):
Get a SOAP Client object for the given WSDL. Client objects are cached in :attr:`soap.clients <soap.clients>`
and keyed by the WSDL URL.
:param wsdl: String URL of a SOAP WSDL
:param log_prefix: String prefix to prepend to log lines (when logging XML traffic in DEBUG mode)
:param plugins: List of additional plugins :class:`suds.plugin.Plugin <suds.plugin.Plugin>` to pass on to the
:class:`suds.client.Client <suds.client.Client>` object.
:param kwargs: Optional keyword arguments to pass on to the :class:`suds.client.Client <suds.client.Client>` object
:return: :class:`suds.client.Client <suds.client.Client>` object
:rtype: suds.client.Client
......@@ -61,7 +63,6 @@ def get_client(wsdl, log_prefix, **kwargs):
wsdl = settings.WSDL_INTERCEPTS[wsdl]
if wsdl not in clients:
plugins = []
if settings.DEBUG:
plugins.append( LogPlugin(log_prefix) )
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