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Fix tests broken by disapperance of

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......@@ -5,28 +5,16 @@ import soap
class SOAPTest(TestCase):
def test_basic_soap_method_call(self):
wsdl = ''
wsdl = ''
client = soap.get_client(wsdl, 'LOCATIONS')
resp = client.service.GetInfoByZIP('10305')
self.assertEquals(resp.NewDataSet.Table.CITY, 'Staten Island')
self.assertEquals(resp.NewDataSet.Table.STATE, 'NY')
resp = client.service.NumberToWords('42')
self.assertEquals(str(resp).strip(), 'forty two')
class SOAPProxyTest(TestCase):
def test_soap_with_proxy(self):
""" Set sandbox/settings to use """
if settings.PROXY_URL:
wsdl = ''
wsdl = ''
soap.get_client(wsdl, 'LOCATIONS')
def test_private_soap_with_proxy(self):
""" Intended for local and private use only
Set SOAP_PROXY_URL in sandbox/settings too.
private_ip = ''
if not private_ip:
wsdl = 'http://{}/TAXCCH/Service3.5.svc?singleWsdl'.format(private_ip)
soap.get_client(wsdl, 'CCH')
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