Fix variable names in tests

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......@@ -42,11 +42,11 @@ describe Users::DestroyService do
it 'calls the bulk snippet destroy service for the user personal snippets' do
repo1 = create(:personal_snippet, :repository, author: user).snippet_repository
repo3 = create(:project_snippet, :repository, project: project, author: user).snippet_repository
repo2 = create(:project_snippet, :repository, project: project, author: user).snippet_repository
aggregate_failures do
expect(gitlab_shell.repository_exists?(repo1.shard_name, repo1.disk_path + '.git')).to be_truthy
expect(gitlab_shell.repository_exists?(repo3.shard_name, repo3.disk_path + '.git')).to be_truthy
expect(gitlab_shell.repository_exists?(repo2.shard_name, repo2.disk_path + '.git')).to be_truthy
# Call made when destroying user personal projects
......@@ -63,15 +63,15 @@ describe Users::DestroyService do
aggregate_failures do
expect(gitlab_shell.repository_exists?(repo1.shard_name, repo1.disk_path + '.git')).to be_falsey
expect(gitlab_shell.repository_exists?(repo3.shard_name, repo3.disk_path + '.git')).to be_falsey
expect(gitlab_shell.repository_exists?(repo2.shard_name, repo2.disk_path + '.git')).to be_falsey
it 'does not delete project snippets that the user is the author of' do
repo2 = create(:project_snippet, :repository, author: user).snippet_repository
repo = create(:project_snippet, :repository, author: user).snippet_repository
expect(gitlab_shell.repository_exists?(repo2.shard_name, repo2.disk_path + '.git')).to be_truthy
expect(User.ghost.snippets).to include(repo2.snippet)
expect(gitlab_shell.repository_exists?(repo.shard_name, repo.disk_path + '.git')).to be_truthy
expect(User.ghost.snippets).to include(repo.snippet)
context 'when an error is raised deleting snippets' do
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