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# Gitlab CI Example
This is an example project that shows how to use Gitlab CI do deploy an application to Heroku.
## How to run
npm start
Point your browser to `http://localhost:3000`. This should work...otherwise, nobody's fault by mine!
## How to test
npm test
## How to deploy
1. Fork this repository
2. Install [Heroku CLI](
3. Create a Heroku app with `heroku app:create <app-name>`
4. Run `heroku auth:token` to get the `<auth-token>`
5. Go to Gitlab's Application Pipeline settings (<your-user>/gitlab-ci-example/settings/ci_cd) and add the following Secret variables:
APP_NAME = <app-name>>
AUTH_TOKEN = <auth-token>
6. Go to the Pipelines view in Gitlab (<your-user>/gitlab-ci-example/pipelines) and click on `Run Pipeline`
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