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    Merge branch 'jh/object-filtering' · 61061abb
    Junio C Hamano authored
    In preparation for implementing narrow/partial clone, the object
    walking machinery has been taught a way to tell it to "filter" some
    objects from enumeration.
    * jh/object-filtering:
      rev-list: support --no-filter argument
      list-objects-filter-options: support --no-filter
      list-objects-filter-options: fix 'keword' typo in comment
      pack-objects: add list-objects filtering
      rev-list: add list-objects filtering support
      list-objects: filter objects in traverse_commit_list
      oidset: add iterator methods to oidset
      oidmap: add oidmap iterator methods
      dir: allow exclusions from blob in addition to file
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