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    Merge branch 'tb/apply-with-crlf' · a17483fc
    Junio C Hamano authored
    "git apply" that is used as a better "patch -p1" failed to apply a
    taken from a file with CRLF line endings to a file with CRLF line
    endings.  The root cause was because it misused convert_to_git()
    that tried to do "safe-crlf" processing by looking at the index
    entry at the same path, which is a nonsense---in that mode, "apply"
    is not working on the data in (or derived from) the index at all.
    This has been fixed.
    * tb/apply-with-crlf:
      apply: file commited with CRLF should roundtrip diff and apply
      convert: add SAFE_CRLF_KEEP_CRLF
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