Commit fa0fccae authored by Brandon Williams's avatar Brandon Williams Committed by Junio C Hamano

init-db: rename 'template' variables

Rename C++ keyword in order to bring the codebase closer to being able
to be compiled with a C++ compiler.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBrandon Williams <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <>
parent 69caed59
......@@ -24,11 +24,11 @@ static int init_is_bare_repository = 0;
static int init_shared_repository = -1;
static const char *init_db_template_dir;
static void copy_templates_1(struct strbuf *path, struct strbuf *template,
static void copy_templates_1(struct strbuf *path, struct strbuf *template_path,
DIR *dir)
size_t path_baselen = path->len;
size_t template_baselen = template->len;
size_t template_baselen = template_path->len;
struct dirent *de;
/* Note: if ".git/hooks" file exists in the repository being
......@@ -44,12 +44,12 @@ static void copy_templates_1(struct strbuf *path, struct strbuf *template,
int exists = 0;
strbuf_setlen(path, path_baselen);
strbuf_setlen(template, template_baselen);
strbuf_setlen(template_path, template_baselen);
if (de->d_name[0] == '.')
strbuf_addstr(path, de->d_name);
strbuf_addstr(template, de->d_name);
strbuf_addstr(template_path, de->d_name);
if (lstat(path->buf, &st_git)) {
if (errno != ENOENT)
die_errno(_("cannot stat '%s'"), path->buf);
......@@ -57,36 +57,36 @@ static void copy_templates_1(struct strbuf *path, struct strbuf *template,
exists = 1;
if (lstat(template->buf, &st_template))
die_errno(_("cannot stat template '%s'"), template->buf);
if (lstat(template_path->buf, &st_template))
die_errno(_("cannot stat template '%s'"), template_path->buf);
if (S_ISDIR(st_template.st_mode)) {
DIR *subdir = opendir(template->buf);
DIR *subdir = opendir(template_path->buf);
if (!subdir)
die_errno(_("cannot opendir '%s'"), template->buf);
die_errno(_("cannot opendir '%s'"), template_path->buf);
strbuf_addch(path, '/');
strbuf_addch(template, '/');
copy_templates_1(path, template, subdir);
strbuf_addch(template_path, '/');
copy_templates_1(path, template_path, subdir);
else if (exists)
else if (S_ISLNK(st_template.st_mode)) {
struct strbuf lnk = STRBUF_INIT;
if (strbuf_readlink(&lnk, template->buf, 0) < 0)
die_errno(_("cannot readlink '%s'"), template->buf);
if (strbuf_readlink(&lnk, template_path->buf, 0) < 0)
die_errno(_("cannot readlink '%s'"), template_path->buf);
if (symlink(lnk.buf, path->buf))
die_errno(_("cannot symlink '%s' '%s'"),
lnk.buf, path->buf);
else if (S_ISREG(st_template.st_mode)) {
if (copy_file(path->buf, template->buf, st_template.st_mode))
if (copy_file(path->buf, template_path->buf, st_template.st_mode))
die_errno(_("cannot copy '%s' to '%s'"),
template->buf, path->buf);
template_path->buf, path->buf);
error(_("ignoring template %s"), template->buf);
error(_("ignoring template %s"), template_path->buf);
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