Commit 285c2e25 authored by Brandon Williams's avatar Brandon Williams Committed by Junio C Hamano

read-cache: rename 'new' variables

Rename C++ keyword in order to bring the codebase closer to being able
to be compiled with a C++ compiler.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBrandon Williams <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <>
parent 3ce91496
......@@ -70,20 +70,20 @@ static void replace_index_entry(struct index_state *istate, int nr, struct cache
void rename_index_entry_at(struct index_state *istate, int nr, const char *new_name)
struct cache_entry *old = istate->cache[nr], *new;
struct cache_entry *old_entry = istate->cache[nr], *new_entry;
int namelen = strlen(new_name);
new = xmalloc(cache_entry_size(namelen));
copy_cache_entry(new, old);
new->ce_flags &= ~CE_HASHED;
new->ce_namelen = namelen;
new->index = 0;
memcpy(new->name, new_name, namelen + 1);
new_entry = xmalloc(cache_entry_size(namelen));
copy_cache_entry(new_entry, old_entry);
new_entry->ce_flags &= ~CE_HASHED;
new_entry->ce_namelen = namelen;
new_entry->index = 0;
memcpy(new_entry->name, new_name, namelen + 1);
cache_tree_invalidate_path(istate, old->name);
untracked_cache_remove_from_index(istate, old->name);
cache_tree_invalidate_path(istate, old_entry->name);
untracked_cache_remove_from_index(istate, old_entry->name);
remove_index_entry_at(istate, nr);
add_index_entry(istate, new, ADD_CACHE_OK_TO_ADD|ADD_CACHE_OK_TO_REPLACE);
add_index_entry(istate, new_entry, ADD_CACHE_OK_TO_ADD|ADD_CACHE_OK_TO_REPLACE);
void fill_stat_data(struct stat_data *sd, struct stat *st)
......@@ -615,18 +615,18 @@ static struct cache_entry *create_alias_ce(struct index_state *istate,
struct cache_entry *alias)
int len;
struct cache_entry *new;
struct cache_entry *new_entry;
if (alias->ce_flags & CE_ADDED)
die("Will not add file alias '%s' ('%s' already exists in index)", ce->name, alias->name);
/* Ok, create the new entry using the name of the existing alias */
len = ce_namelen(alias);
new = xcalloc(1, cache_entry_size(len));
memcpy(new->name, alias->name, len);
copy_cache_entry(new, ce);
new_entry = xcalloc(1, cache_entry_size(len));
memcpy(new_entry->name, alias->name, len);
copy_cache_entry(new_entry, ce);
save_or_free_index_entry(istate, ce);
return new;
return new_entry;
void set_object_name_for_intent_to_add_entry(struct cache_entry *ce)
......@@ -1379,7 +1379,7 @@ int refresh_index(struct index_state *istate, unsigned int flags,
added_fmt = (in_porcelain ? "A\t%s\n" : "%s needs update\n");
unmerged_fmt = (in_porcelain ? "U\t%s\n" : "%s: needs merge\n");
for (i = 0; i < istate->cache_nr; i++) {
struct cache_entry *ce, *new;
struct cache_entry *ce, *new_entry;
int cache_errno = 0;
int changed = 0;
int filtered = 0;
......@@ -1408,10 +1408,10 @@ int refresh_index(struct index_state *istate, unsigned int flags,
if (filtered)
new = refresh_cache_ent(istate, ce, options, &cache_errno, &changed);
if (new == ce)
new_entry = refresh_cache_ent(istate, ce, options, &cache_errno, &changed);
if (new_entry == ce)
if (!new) {
if (!new_entry) {
const char *fmt;
if (really && cache_errno == EINVAL) {
......@@ -1440,7 +1440,7 @@ int refresh_index(struct index_state *istate, unsigned int flags,
replace_index_entry(istate, i, new);
replace_index_entry(istate, i, new_entry);
return has_errors;
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