Commit e648fc42 authored by Philippe B.'s avatar Philippe B. 🏂 Committed by Raphaël Proust

Test/Python: correct time between blocks - multiple bakers

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......@@ -34,9 +34,9 @@ class TestAllDeamonsWithOperations:
we kill the bakers and check everyone synchronize to the same head. '''
def test_setup_network(self, sandbox):
# Set appropriate time to avoid double-baking
parameters = dict(constants.PARAMETERS)
parameters["time_between_blocks"] = ["15", "0"]
# each priority has a delay of 1 sec
parameters["time_between_blocks"] = ["1"]
for i in range(NUM_NODES):
sandbox.add_node(i, params=['--connections', '500'])
utils.activate_alpha(sandbox.client(0), parameters)
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