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tezos-admin-client p2p stat
.. _ledger:
Ledger support
**Disclaimer:** Ledger support is still in development, **the current app
doesn't show all the needed information** for signing securely.
Check frequently for updates.
It is possible and advised to use a hardware wallet to manage your
keys, Tezos' client supports the Ledger Nano S provided that you have
the Tezos app installed.
The app is developed by Obsidian Systems and they provide a comprehensive
`tutorial on how to install it.
Ledger Manager
The preferred way to set up your Ledger is to install the `Ledger
Manager extension
on a Chrome browser.
On Linux makes sure you correctly set up your `udev` rules as explained
`here <>`_.
Connect your ledger, unlock it and go the dashboard.
In the Ledger Manager enable `developer items` in the bottom right,
install `Tezos Wallet` from the applications list and open it on the
Tezos Wallet app
Now on the client we can import the keys (make sure the device is
in the Tezos Wallet app):
./tezos-client list connected ledgers
You can follow the instructions to import the ledger private key and
you can choose between the root or a derived address.
We can confirm the addition by listing known addresses.
./tezos-client import secret key my_ledger ledger://tz1XXXXXXXXXX
./tezos-client list known addresses
Optional: we can check that our ledger signs correctly using the
following command and confirming on the device:
tezos-client show ledger path ledger://tz1XXXXXXXXXX
The address can now be used as any other with the exception that
during an operation the device will prompt you to confirm when it's
time to sign an operation.
Tezos Baking app
In Ledger Manager there is also a `Tezos Baking` app which allows a
delegate to sign non-interactively e.g. there is no need to
manually sign every block or endorsement.
The application however is restricted to sign exclusively blocks and
endorsement operations; it is not possible to sign for example a
Furthermore the application keeps track of the last level baked and allows
only to bake for increasing levels.
This prevents signing blocks at levels below the latest
block signed.
If you have tried the app on Alphanet or Zeronet and want to change
network you might need to reset this level with the command:
tezos-client set ledger high watermark for ledger://tz1XXXXXXXXXX to 0
Use sandboxed mode
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