Commit ccc61dbb authored by Vincent Bernardoff's avatar Vincent Bernardoff Committed by Pierre Chambart

Vendors/lmdb: fixes in OCaml stubs

parent 2a4c6762
......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ CAMLprim value stub_mdb_env_set_flags(value env, value flags, value onoff) {
CAMLprim value stub_mdb_env_get_flags(value env) {
int flags;
unsigned int flags;
mdb_env_get_flags(Env_val(env), &flags);
return Val_int(flags);
......@@ -434,7 +434,10 @@ CAMLprim value stub_mdb_cursor_renew(value txn, value cursor) {
CAMLprim value stub_mdb_cursor_txn(value cursor) {
return (value) mdb_cursor_txn(Cursor_val(cursor));
txn = alloc_txn(mdb_cursor_txn(Cursor_val(cursor)));
CAMLprim value stub_mdb_cursor_dbi(value cursor) {
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