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Prevalidator: Add doc string to prevalidator/ion.

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......@@ -23,14 +23,25 @@
(* *)
(** A newly received block is validated by replaying locally the block
creation, applying each operation and its finalization to ensure their
consistency. This module is stateless and creates and manupulates the
prevalidation_state. *)
type prevalidation_state
(** Creates a new prevalidation context w.r.t. the protocol associate to the
predecessor block . When ?protocol_data is passed to this function, it will
be used to create the new block *)
val start_prevalidation :
?protocol_data: MBytes.t ->
predecessor: State.Block.t ->
timestamp: Time.t ->
unit -> prevalidation_state tzresult Lwt.t
(** Given a prevalidation context applies a list of operations,
returns a new prevalidation context plus the preapply result containing the
list of operations that cannot be applied to this context *)
val prevalidate :
prevalidation_state -> sort:bool ->
(Operation_hash.t * Operation.t) list ->
......@@ -40,6 +51,8 @@ val end_prevalidation :
prevalidation_state ->
Tezos_protocol_environment_shell.validation_result tzresult Lwt.t
(** Pre-apply creates a new block ( running start_prevalidation, prevalidate and
end_prevalidation), and returns a new block. *)
val preapply :
predecessor:State.Block.t ->
timestamp:Time.t ->
......@@ -54,18 +54,40 @@ type limits = {
type error += Closed of Chain_id.t
(** Creates a new worker. Each chain is associated with a prevalidator. Typically,
this is the case for the main chain and a test chain *)
val create: limits -> Distributed_db.chain_db -> t Lwt.t
val shutdown: t -> unit Lwt.t
(** Notify the prevalidator worker of a set of operations (in the form of a mempool)
received from a peer. *)
val notify_operations: t -> P2p_peer.Id.t -> Mempool.t -> unit
(** Notify the prevalidator worker of a new injected operation. This will be added
to the mempool of the worker *)
val inject_operation: t -> Operation.t -> unit tzresult Lwt.t
(** Notify the prevalidator worker that a new head was received. The new head will
cause the reset of the prevalidation context *)
val flush: t -> Block_hash.t -> unit tzresult Lwt.t
(** Returns the timestamp of the prevalidator worker, that is the timestamp of the last
reset of the prevalidation context *)
val timestamp: t -> Time.t
(** Returns the list of valid operations known to this prevalidation worker *)
val operations: t -> error Preapply_result.t * Operation.t Operation_hash.Map.t
(** Returns the list of pending operations known to this prevalidation worker *)
val pending: ?block:State.Block.t -> t -> Operation.t Operation_hash.Map.t Lwt.t
(** Returns the list of prevalidation workers running and their associated chain *)
val running_workers: unit -> (Chain_id.t * t) list
val status: t -> Worker_types.worker_status
(** Worker status and events *)
val status: t -> Worker_types.worker_status
val pending_requests : t -> (Time.t * Prevalidator_worker_state.Request.view) list
val current_request : t -> (Time.t * Time.t * Prevalidator_worker_state.Request.view) option
val last_events : t -> (Lwt_log_core.level * Prevalidator_worker_state.Event.t list) list
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