Commit b7b6f0e9 authored by Grégoire Henry's avatar Grégoire Henry

CI: fix doc upload

parent e85bdaeb
......@@ -556,6 +556,8 @@ publish:doc:
- betanet-staging
- sudo apk add --no-cache py3-sphinx py3-sphinx_rtd_theme openssh-client rsync
- sudo pip3 uninstall 'idna' --yes ## Fix up dependencies in alpine:3.8
- sudo pip3 install 'idna<2.7'
- sudo ln -s /usr/bin/sphinx-build-3 /usr/bin/sphinx-build
- echo "${CI_PK_GITLAB_DOC}" > ~/.ssh/id_ed25519
- echo "${CI_KH}" > ~/.ssh/known_hosts
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