Commit ae6a9770 authored by Alain Mebsout's avatar Alain Mebsout Committed by Benjamin Canou

Michelson: disable typechecking of field names through annotations

This is not compatible with the inferring mechanism for annotations in
parent c8dd9398
......@@ -758,7 +758,9 @@ let merge_field_annot
| Some `Field_annot a1, Some `Field_annot a2 ->
if String.equal a1 a2
then ok annot1
else error (Inconsistent_annotations ("%" ^ a1, "%" ^ a2))
else ok None
(* TODO check this, do we want typechecking here ? *)
(* error (Inconsistent_annotations ("%" ^ a1, "%" ^ a2)) *)
let merge_var_annot
: var_annot option -> var_annot option -> var_annot option
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