Commit 7359b7e9 authored by Pierre Boutillier's avatar Pierre Boutillier Committed by Grégoire Henry

Mandatory . after find under MacOS

parent d9c5549a
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DEV ?= --dev
PACKAGES:=$(patsubst %.opam,%,$(notdir $(shell find -name *.opam)))
PACKAGES:=$(patsubst %.opam,%,$(notdir $(shell find . -name *.opam -print)))
current_ocaml_version := $(shell ocamlc -version)
include scripts/
......@@ -26,11 +26,11 @@ all:
@jbuilder build ${DEV} \
$(patsubst %.opam,%.install, $(shell find -name \*.opam))
$(patsubst %.opam,%.install, $(shell find . -name \*.opam -print))
$(addsuffix .pkg,${PACKAGES}): %.pkg:
@jbuilder build ${DEV} \
$(patsubst %.opam,%.install, $(shell find -name $*.opam))
$(patsubst %.opam,%.install, $(shell find . -name $*.opam -print))
$(addsuffix .test,${PACKAGES}): %.test:
@jbuilder build ${DEV} \
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