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......@@ -468,6 +468,52 @@ writing your own configuration file if needed.
Environment for writing Michelson contracts
Here is how to setup a practical environment for
writing, editing and debugging Michelson programs.
Install `Emacs <>`_ with
the `deferred <>`_ and
<>`_ packages.
The packages can be installed from within Emacs with
``M-x package-install``.
The last package imports the shell path in Emacs and it is needed
because we will run a sandboxed node.
Set up the `Michelson mode
<>`_ by adding in
your ``.emacs`` :
(load "~/tezos/tezos/emacs/michelson-mode.el" nil t)
(setq michelson-client-command "tezos-client")
(setq michelson-alphanet nil)
Note that the Michelson mode will be chosen automatically by Emacs for
files with a ``.tz`` or ``.tez`` extension.
Run a :ref:`sandboxed node<sandboxed-mode>` (and activate the alphanet
protocol with ``tezos-activate-alpha``) so that useful information
about the program can be displayed.
We can now open our favourite contract ``emacs
./src/bin_client/test/contracts/`` and, when moving the cursor on
a Michelson instruction, in the bottom of the windows Emacs should
display the state of the stack before (left) and after (right) the
application of the instruction.
The Emacs mode automatically type-checks your program and reports
errors; once you are happy with the result you can ask the client to
run it locally:
tezos-client run script ./src/bin_client/test/contracts/ \
on storage '"hello"' and input '"world"'
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