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Doc: add node private mode

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......@@ -104,6 +104,38 @@ network you might need to reset this level with the command:
tezos-client set ledger high watermark for ledger://tz1XXXXXXXXXX to 0
.. _private-mode:
Private node
The node can be set in private mode with the option ``--private-mode``
so that:
- it doesn't connects to any peer other than those provided with
``--peer`` or in bootstrap-peers
- the peers connected to a private node don't include it in the list
of peers sent to their neighborhood
This feature is especially useful to hide a sensitive node that signs
For example we could have a set up with two nodes, a private one
connected uniquely with a public one.
The public node runs on a VPS, connects normally to the network and
keeps a up to date state of the network while the private node runs at
your home and is in charge of injecting and signing operations with a
hardware wallet.
tezos-node run --rpc-addr [::] --private-mode \
--no-bootstrap-peers \
--bootstrap-threshold=1 \
--connections 1 \
--peer <public-node-ip>
Use sandboxed mode
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