Verified Commit 4a436c2f authored by Vincent Bernardoff's avatar Vincent Bernardoff Committed by Pierre Chambart

Vendors/lmdb: add CFLAGS

parent ccc61dbb
Pipeline #28192819 passed with stages
in 21 minutes and 53 seconds
let () =
let oc = open_out "c_flags.sexp" in
output_string oc (if Sys.word_size = 32 then "(-DMDB_VL32)" else "()") ;
let w = "-W -Wall -Wno-unused-parameter -Wbad-function-cast -Wuninitialized" in
let thread = "-pthread" in
let opt = "-O2 -g" in
Printf.fprintf oc "(%s %s %s %s)" w thread opt
(if Sys.word_size = 32 then "-DMDB_VL32" else "") ;
close_out oc
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