Commit 45ddfeac authored by Marco Stronati's avatar Marco Stronati Committed by Benjamin Canou

Doc/PoS: explain endorsements

parent 399045c4
......@@ -246,6 +246,12 @@ To each baking slot, we associate a list of ``ENDORSERS_PER_BLOCK`` = 32
*endorsers*. Endorsers are drawn from the set of delegates, by randomly
selecting 32 rolls with replacement.
Each endorser verifies the last block that was baked, say at level
``n``, and emits an endorsement operation. The endorsement operations
are then baked in block ``n+1`` and will contribute to the `fitness`
of block ``n``. Once block ``n+1`` is baked, no other endorsement for
block ``n`` will be considered valid.
Endorsers receive a reward (at the same time as block creators do). The
reward is ``ENDORSEMENT_REWARD`` = 2 / ``BLOCK_PRIORITY`` where block
priority starts at 1. So the endorsement reward is only half if the
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