Commit 3b6e41b0 authored by Marco Stronati's avatar Marco Stronati

Doc: PoS add fitness

parent 92575b60
......@@ -257,6 +257,17 @@ same block, in this case ``k`` deposits are required and ``k`` rewards
gained. However a single operation needs to be sent on the network to
endorse ``k`` times the same block.
To each block we associate a measure of `fitness` which determines the
quality of the chain leading to that block.
This measure in Bitcoin is simply the length of the chain, in Tezos we
add also the number of endorsements to each block.
Given a block at level ``n`` with fitness ``f``, when we receive a new
head that contains ``e`` endorsements for block ``n``, the fitness of
the new head is ``f+1+e``.
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