Verified Commit 2e410c7a authored by Vincent Botbol's avatar Vincent Botbol Committed by Grégoire Henry

Alpha/Baker: add and update logging tags

parent b5b1e565
......@@ -29,15 +29,16 @@ open Alpha_context
let timestamp_tag = Tag.def ~doc:"Timestamp when event occurred" "timestamp" Time.pp_hum
let valid_ops = Tag.def ~doc:"Valid Operations" "valid_ops" Format.pp_print_int
let refused_ops = Tag.def ~doc:"Refused Operations" "refused_ops" Format.pp_print_int
let bake_priorty_tag = Tag.def ~doc:"Baking Priority" "bake_priority" Format.pp_print_int
let bake_priority_tag = Tag.def ~doc:"Baking priority" "bake_priority" Format.pp_print_int
let fitness_tag = Tag.def ~doc:"Fitness" "fitness" Fitness.pp
let current_slots_tag = Tag.def ~doc:"Number of baking slots that can be baked at this time" "current_slots" Format.pp_print_int
let future_slots_tag = Tag.def ~doc:"Number of baking slots in the foreseeable future but not yet bakeable" "future_slots" Format.pp_print_int
let timespan_tag = Tag.def ~doc:"Time in seconds" "timespan" (fun fmt i -> Format.fprintf fmt "%Lds" i)
let operations_tag = Tag.def ~doc:"Block Operations" "operations"
~pp_sep:(fun ppf () -> Format.fprintf ppf "+")
(fun ppf operations -> Format.fprintf ppf "%d" (List.length operations.Preapply_result.applied)))
(fun ppf operations -> Format.fprintf ppf "%d" (List.length operations)))
let bake_op_count_tag = Tag.def ~doc:"Bake Operation Count" "operation_count" Format.pp_print_int
......@@ -26,12 +26,13 @@
val timestamp_tag : Time.t Tag.def
val valid_ops : int Tag.def
val refused_ops : int Tag.def
val bake_priorty_tag : int Tag.def
val bake_priority_tag : int Tag.def
val fitness_tag : Fitness.t Tag.def
val current_slots_tag : int Tag.def
val future_slots_tag : int Tag.def
val timespan_tag : int64 Tag.def
val operations_tag : error Preapply_result.t list Tag.def
val operations_tag : Proto_alpha.Alpha_context.Operation.raw list list Tag.def
val bake_op_count_tag : int Tag.def
val endorsement_slot_tag : int Tag.def
val endorsement_slots_tag : int list Tag.def
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