Commit 1539f0d0 authored by Marco Stronati's avatar Marco Stronati Committed by Benjamin Canou

Doc/PoS: simplify security deposit

parent 5b6db63b
......@@ -193,14 +193,11 @@ The cost of a security deposit is ``BLOCK_SECURITY_DEPOSIT`` = 512 XTZ
per block created and ``ENDORSEMENT_SECURITY_DEPOSIT`` = 64 XTZ per
Each delegate key has an attached security deposit account controlled by
the same key. Delegates can withdraw and deposit in this account, but
they cannot withdraw more than the "frozen" amount. Each blocks created,
each endorsement signed increases the amount that is frozen.
It is possible to deposit a bond just prior to creating a block
requiring this deposit. Deposits for blocks and endorsements in cycle
``n`` are "unfrozen" at the end of cycle ``n+PRESERVED_CYCLES``.
Each delegate key has an associated security deposit account.
When a delegate bakes or endorses a block the security deposit is
automatically moved to the deposit account where it is frozen for
``PRESERVED_CYCLES`` cycles, after which it is automatically moved
back to the baker's main account.
Since deposits are locked for a period of ``PRESERVED_CYCLES`` one can
compute that at any given time, about ((``BLOCK_SECURITY_DEPOSIT`` +
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