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.. _activate_fundraiser_account:
Activate fundraiser account - Betanet
If you took part in the fundraiser you can activate your account for
the Betanet on
This feature is also included in some wallets.
If you have any question or issue refer to that page or to the `Tezos
foundation <>`_ for support.
You may also use ``tezos-client`` to activate your account, **be
warned that you should have a very good understanding of key
management in Tezos and be familiar with the command-line.**
The first step is to recover your private key using the following
command which will ask for:
- the email address used during the fundraiser
- the 14 words mnemonic of your paper wallet
- the password used to protect the paper wallet
tezos-client import fundraiser key alice
Once you insert all the required information, the client computes
your secret key and it asks to create a new password to store your
secret key on disk encrypted.
If you haven't already activated your account on the website, you can
use this command with the activation code obtained from the Tezos
tezos-client activate fundraiser account alice with <code>
Like explained above, your keys are stored under ``~/.tezos-client``.
We strongly advice you to first **make a backup** and then
transfer your tokens to a new pair of keys imported from a ledger (see
Check the balance with:
tezos-client get balance for alice
.. _tezos-admin-client:
Admin Client
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