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TermOnePlus is a terminal emulator application for Android devices.
Each android device has a build-in born shell and a number of shell command that allows user to manage files, processes, device and etc.
Application supports multiple terminal windows.
Terminal window allows user access to text terminal and to use programs with command line or text interface. By default window starts build-in shell but user could change it. It emulates large subset of Digital Equipment Corporation VT-100 terminal capabilities - supported are following terminal types: vt100, screen (default), linux, screen-256color, xterm and xterm-256color. Also it supports UTF-8 console text mode by default.
Functionality "prepend/append path" allows external applications to enhance set of available commands.
Launcher short-cut functionality allows user to create "button"(android short-cut widget) to a command or shell script.
Build-in file selector (aka file explorer) is exported and so allows other applications easy to pick a file.
Application is localized in many languages and/or territories (locales).
Remark: TermOnePlus is an open-source application, successor of un-maintained Jack Palevich's "Terminal Emulator for Android". It enhance portability of terminal - works fine with recent android release (Oreo/8.1) also with ancient like Gingerbread(2.3). TermOnePlus includes a number of stability fixes, improved look of screens and defect fixes.
Visit application site to find out how to participate into development and/or localization, to report issue with existing functionality, to request new or enhanced functionality.
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