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      QR encoding for Oops messages · f8f60ac4
      Teodora Băluţă authored
      This feature encodes Oops messages into a QR barcode that is scannable by
      any device with a camera.
      If the config option for this feature is enabled, then when an Oops is
      in progress, the printk() calls' strings are buffered. When the Oops
      finishes, the buffer is compressed, encoded into a QR and then displayed
      to frame buffer. The compression is done with zlib from lib/.
      Current issues:
       * the QR code is sometimes displayed on top of the console text,
         sometimes under it, thus making it unscannable
       * the compression rate could be better than what zlib offers
       * not tested for Oops messages issued from several CPUs
      As far as decoding is concerned, there are a lot of apps on mobile devices
      that decode QR codes (just text mostly). In order to make this work, an
      app which also decodes the QR code is needed. I will be working the next
      couple of weeks on an Android app which scans the Oops encoding QR and
      sends it to a server which keeps track of these Oopses that are sent to
      it making a sort of stream of the latest Oopses. Any thoughts on what the best
      workflow would be are more than welcomed.
      Also, if there are any suggestions on how to solve some of the issues,
      they are more than welcomed.
      Signed-off-by: Teodora Băluţă's avatarTeodora Baluta <teobaluta@gmail.com>
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