Commit 690a6cf7 authored by Phil Hagelberg's avatar Phil Hagelberg

Confirm you are changing to a directory before cd'ing to it.

parent 89497dbf
......@@ -23,14 +23,17 @@ else
local var, value = input:match("export (.+)=(.*)")
local change_dir = input:match("cd +(.+)")
change_dir = change_dir and orb.normalize(change_dir, env.CWD)
-- inlining primitives this way is kinda tacky
if(input == "cd") then
env.CWD = env.HOME
elseif(change_dir and not f[orb.normalize(change_dir, env.CWD)]) then
elseif(change_dir and not f[change_dir]) then
print(change_dir .. " not found.")
elseif(change_dir and type(f[change_dir]) ~= "table") then
print(change_dir .. " is not a directory")
elseif(change_dir) then
env.CWD = orb.normalize(change_dir, env.CWD)
env.CWD = change_dir
elseif(var) then
env[var] = value
elseif(not input:match("^ *$")) then
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