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......@@ -34,9 +34,6 @@ doc: doc/req-ru/requirements.tex
cd doc/req-ru/; pdflatex requirements.tex
cd doc/req-ru/; rm -f *aux *log *out *toc
$(BS)/ --install $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)
......@@ -48,4 +45,5 @@ tarball: clean
rm -rf build/ doc/req-ru/*.pdf doc/req-ru/*.log
rm -rf source/locales.dtxt
......@@ -17,35 +17,16 @@ Categories are stored as directories (in ~/Vitis by default).
These directories contain links to file on your file system.
The vitis settings are stored in the file '~/.config/vitis/vitis.conf'.
See details: `vitis --help`
## Ready-made packages
Latest version of tarball with sources: [vitis-0.12.tar.xz](
PPA is available for Debian/Ubuntu users.
Supported architectures **amd64**, **armhf**.
Usage of PPA:
See details:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vindexbit/os18
sudo apt update --allow-insecure-repositories
sudo apt install vitis
$ vitis --help
### x86_64
Latest version of deb-package: [vitis_0.12-1_amd64.deb](
Latest version of deb-package for ARMv7: [vitis_0.12-1_armhf.deb](
## Ready-made packages
*Checked on Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.04*
See [download page](
......@@ -57,11 +38,15 @@ Before assembling, you need to install a compiler for D (this project supports c
For example, in Debian-based distributions, you can install required packages as follows:
`sudo apt install ldc chrpath`
# apt install ldc chrpath
Similarly, in Fedora:
`sudo dnf install ldc chrpath`
# dnf install ldc chrpath
This project is assembled with a static linking to the [Amalthea library]( So if you want to build this project from source, you also need to build and install Amalthea. Then return to this instruction.
......@@ -71,29 +56,41 @@ This project is assembled with a static linking to the [Amalthea library](https:
Creating of executable bin-file:
$ make
Also, you can choose a compiler for assembling:
`make DC=dmd`
$ make DC=dmd
Installation (by default, main directory is /usr/local/):
`sudo make install`
# make install
After that, the application is ready for use.
You can install this application in any other directory:
`make install PREFIX=/home/$USER/sandbox`
$ make install PREFIX=/home/$USER/sandbox
`sudo make uninstall`
# make uninstall
If you installed in an alternate directory:
`make uninstall PREFIX=/home/$USER/sandbox`
$ make uninstall PREFIX=/home/$USER/sandbox
......@@ -102,37 +99,53 @@ If you installed in an alternate directory:
First, create your first category:
`vitis create Music`
$ vitis create Music
Now assign this category to a file:
`vitis assign Music -f "/home/$USER/Downloads/Josh Woodward - Swansong.ogg"`
$ vitis assign Music -f "/home/$USER/Downloads/Josh Woodward - Swansong.ogg"
The quotation marks are used when the path to the file contains spaces.
Command 'show' can show you all the files from the category:
`vitis show Music`
$ vitis show Music
You can view the contents of the category with all the details about the files:
`vitis show Music --paths --details --categories`
$ vitis show Music --paths --details --categories
You can open files by default application<br>(for best result, it's recommended to install [vts-fs-open](
`vitis open Music`
$ vitis open Music
If you want to eliminate the category from the file, use 'delete':
`vitis delete Music -f "Josh Woodward - Swansong.ogg"`
$ vitis delete Music -f "Josh Woodward - Swansong.ogg"
The main advantages of this program are the ability to assign multiple categories to one file and use mathematical expressions with operations on sets to select files.
`vitis assign Music 2010s -f "/home/$USER/Downloads/Josh Woodward - Swansong.ogg"`
$ vitis assign Music 2010s -f "/home/$USER/Downloads/Josh Woodward - Swansong.ogg"
`vitis open Music i: 2010s`
$ vitis open Music i: 2010s
*Note: **'i:'** is intersection*.
......@@ -140,7 +153,9 @@ Example:
**vitis** has a large number of different functions, see the details in the help:
`vitis --help`
$ vitis --help
#!/bin/bash -e
source build-scripts/
set -x
makePackageLinkInREADME() {
echo $MD_PKG_LINE |
sed "s/\//\\\\\//g" |
sed "s/\[/\\\\[/g" |
sed "s/\]/\\\\]/g" |
sed "s/(/\\\\(/g" |
sed "s/)/\\\\)/g"
sed "s/^${LINK_DESCRIPTION}.*/${MD_PKG_LINE_REGEX}/g" > tmp
cat tmp >
rm tmp
LINK_DESCRIPTION="Latest version of deb-package:"
LINK_DESCRIPTION="Latest version of tarball with sources:"
LINK_DESCRIPTION="Latest version of deb-package for ARMv7:"
set +x
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