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      Merged in... · c9b69e36
      Ontje Lünsdorf authored
      Merged in jcbsnd/simpy/jcbsnd/fix-documentation-for-resourceget-resour-1465832996081 (pull request #87)
      Fix documentation for resource.Get()
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      Add new PriorityStore resource · fa925921
      Peter Grayson authored
      The new `PriorityStore` class is a subclass of `Store` that maintains
      its `items` list in priority order such that `get()` yields items in
      priority order.
      The `PriorityItem` helper class allows unorderable items to be put into
      a `PriorityStore` by associating an explicit priority value with the
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      Use properties for Event.ok and Event.defused · 5962e7e5
      Peter Grayson authored
      New `Event.ok` and `Event.defused` properties wrap `Event._ok` and
      `Event._defused` attributes. The key benefit is that doc strings now
      can exist for `Event.ok` and `Event.defused`.
      This is a performance-neutral change since all of the fast-paths still
      use direct access to the `_ok` and `_defused` attributes.
  15. 22 Mar, 2016 4 commits
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      Merged in jpgrayson/simpy (pull request #76) · 39163a3e
      Stefan Scherfke authored
      Update testing recommendations
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      Add performance benchmark tests · 562c9978
      Peter Grayson authored
      The new `tests/test_benchmark.py` adds several performance benchmarks to
      the test suite. It uses the `pytest-benchmark` plugin for `pytest`.
      The benchmarks cover high-frequency "micro" behaviors such as measuring
      `Event()` initialization time as well as full simulations involving
      resources and multiple processes.
      The new benchmark tests are run automatically by `py.test`. The
      benchmarks add approximately 10 seconds to the test suite runtime.
      However, the time-consuming benchmarks can be disabled with:
          $ py.test --benchmark-disable
      Alternatively, to only run the benchmarks:
          $ py.test --benchmark-only
      These benchmarks have proven sufficient to detect performance deltas due
      to rather small changes in the code. For example, adding initialization
      for two attributes of `Event` caused a detectable change in performance
      in most of these benchmarks.
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      Update .coveragerc for new src and tests directory layout · 6ff4a0be
      Peter Grayson authored
      The paths in `.coveragerc` are updated to support the new `src` and
      `tests` directory structure.
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