Commit 99671797 authored by Ontje Lünsdorf's avatar Ontje Lünsdorf
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Drop the name attribute. It has not been used in any of our test implementation.

parent 9251555d
......@@ -77,23 +77,18 @@ class Event(object):
or one of them.
def __init__(self, env, value=PENDING, name=None):
def __init__(self, env, value=PENDING):
self.callbacks = []
"""List of functions that are called when the event is
self.env = env
"""The :class:`Environment` the event lives in.""" = name
"""Optional name for this event. Used for :class:`str` / :func:`repr`
if not ``None``."""
self._value = value
def __repr__(self):
"""Use ```` if defined or ``self._desc()`` else."""
if is None:
return '<%s object at 0x%x>' % (self._desc(), id(self))
"""Return the description of the event (see :meth:`_desc`) with the id
of the event."""
return '<%s object at 0x%x>' % (self._desc(), id(self))
def _desc(self):
"""Return a string *Event()*."""
......@@ -204,8 +199,8 @@ class Condition(Event):
sub- or nested conditions.
def __init__(self, env, evaluate, events, name=None):
Event.__init__(self, env, name=name)
def __init__(self, env, evaluate, events):
Event.__init__(self, env)
self._evaluate = evaluate
self._interim_values = {}
self._events = []
......@@ -311,14 +306,13 @@ class Timeout(Event):
*success()* or *fail()* method.
def __init__(self, env, delay, value=None, name=None):
def __init__(self, env, delay, value=None):
if delay < 0:
raise ValueError('Negative delay %s' % delay)
# NOTE: The following initialization code is inlined from
# Event.__init__() for performance reasons.
self.callbacks = []
self.env = env = name
self._delay = delay
self.ok = True
self._value = value
......@@ -335,7 +329,6 @@ class Initialize(Event):
"""Initializes a process."""
def __init__(self, env, process):
self.env = env = None
self.ok = True
self._value = None
self.callbacks = [process._resume]
......@@ -358,7 +351,7 @@ class Process(Event):
def __init__(self, env, generator, name=None):
def __init__(self, env, generator):
if not isgenerator(generator):
raise ValueError('%s is not a generator.' % generator)
......@@ -366,7 +359,6 @@ class Process(Event):
# Event.__init__() for performance reasons.
self.callbacks = []
self.env = env = name
self._generator = generator
self._value = PENDING
......@@ -201,19 +201,16 @@ def test_names(env):
yield env.exit()
assert re.match(r'<Event\(\) object at 0x.*>', str(env.event()))
assert str(env.event(name='Event')) == 'Event'
assert re.match(r'<Timeout\(1\) object at 0x.*>', str(env.timeout(1)))
assert re.match(r'<Timeout\(1, value=2\) object at 0x.*>',
str(env.timeout(1, value=2)))
assert str(env.timeout(1, name='Timeout')) == 'Timeout'
assert re.match(r'<Condition\(all_events, \[<Event\(\) object at 0x.*>, '
r'<Event\(\) object at 0x.*>\]\) object at 0x.*>',
str(env.event() & env.event()))
assert re.match(r'<Process\(pem\) object at 0x.*>', str(env.start(pem())))
assert str(env.start(pem(), name='pem')) == 'pem'
def test_event_value(env):
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