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......@@ -2,19 +2,19 @@
``simpy.core`` --- SimPy's core components
.. automodule:: simpy.core
.. autoclass:: BaseEnvironment
.. autoclass:: Environment
.. autoclass:: BaseEnvironment
......@@ -24,52 +24,36 @@ Events
.. autoclass:: Process
.. autoclass:: Timeout
.. autoclass:: Condition
.. autoclass:: Initialize
.. autoclass:: AllOf
.. autoclass:: AnyOf
.. autoclass:: Initialize
Miscellaneous (Interrupt and constants)
.. autoclass:: BoundClass
.. autoclass:: EmptySchedule
.. autoclass:: Interrupt
:members: cause
.. data:: Infinity = inf
Convenience alias for infinity
.. data:: PENDING = object()
Unique object to identify pending values of events
.. data:: HIGH_PRIORITY = 0
Priority of interrupts and Intialize events
.. data:: DEFAULT_PRIORITY = 1
Default priority used by events
.. data:: LOW_PRIORITY = 2
Priority of timeouts
.. autodata:: Infinity
.. autodata:: PENDING
.. autodata:: HIGH_PRIORITY
.. autodata:: DEFAULT_PRIORITY
.. autodata:: LOW_PRIORITY
``simpy`` --- The user API
``simpy`` --- The end user API
.. automodule:: simpy
......@@ -3,5 +3,4 @@ SimPy home
_templates/index.html contains the content for this page.
.. _templates/index.html contains the content for this page.
The ``simpy`` module provides SimPy's end-user API. It therefore
aggregates Simpy's various classes and methods:
The ``simpy`` module provides SimPy's end-user API. It aggregates Simpy's most
important classes and methods. This is purely for your convenience. You can of
course also access everything (and more!) via their actual submodules.
Core classes and functions
......@@ -11,7 +12,7 @@ Core classes and functions
- :class:`Environment`: SimPy's central class. It contains
the simulation's state and lets the PEMs interact with it (i.e.,
schedule events).
- :class:`Process`: This class represents a PEM while
- :class:`Process`: This class represents a process function while
it is executed in an environment. An instance of it is returned by
:meth:`Environment.start()`. It inherits :class:`Event`.
- :class:`Interrupt`: This exception is thrown into a process if it gets
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