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Add SimPy 3 to 4 porting guide to docs

This porting guide covers the minor breaking changes between SimPy 3 and 4.
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Porting from SimPy 3 to 4
SimPy 4 drops support for Python 2.7 and requires Python 3.6+. SimPy 4 also
breaks compatibility with SimPy 3 in a few minor ways.
Python 3.6+
When porting a SimPy application to SimPy 4, the first step is to ensure that
the application works with SimPy 3 on Python >= 3.6. Once the application works
with Python 3.6, most of the work in porting to SimPy 4 is complete.
For more information on porting from Python 2 to 3, see `this guide
<>`_ from the Python docs.
Environment Subclasses
The ``BaseEnvironment`` class has been removed in SimPy 4. The
:class:`~simpy.core.Environment` class is now the most base environment class.
Any code that inherited from ``BaseEnvironment`` should be modified to inherit
from :class:`~simpy.core.Environment` instead.
For example, the following SimPy 3 code:
.. code-block:: python
class MyEnvironment(simpy.BaseEnvironment):
would be rewritten as follows for SimPy 4:
.. code-block:: python
class MyEnvironment(simpy.Environment):
Returning from Process Generators
In Python 2 it is a syntax error for a generator (i.e. a function using the
``yield`` keyword) to return a value using the ``return`` keyword. SimPy 3,
supports a process generator returning a value via the
``Environment.exit(value)`` method, which simply raises a ``StopProcess``
exception. This mechanism was required for Python 2, but also works with
Python 3.
In Python 3, it is legal to use ``return`` to return a value from a generator.
Returning from a :class:`` generator is also supported in
SimPy 3 for applications using Python 3 exclusively.
In SimPy 4, the ``Environment.exit()`` method and the ``StopProcess`` exception
are eliminated. Applications with generators that need to either return early
or return a value *must* use the ``return`` Python keyword.
.. note::
No change is required for generators that do not return a value or that do
not have control flow that requires returning early. This is the most common
case for process generators used with SimPy.
Once a SimPy 3 application is ported to run with Python 3, it may then replace
any uses of ``Environment.exit(value)`` and ``raise StopProcess(value)`` with
``return value``. Once all occurences are changed, the application will be ready
to run with SimPy 4.
Example: Return from Generator
In the following example, ``Environment.exit()`` is used to return the first the
first "needle" from a store of items. When using SimPy 3 with Python 2, this is
the only way to return a value from a process generator.
.. code-block:: python
def find_first_needle(env, store):
while True:
item = yield store.get()
if is_needle(item):
env.exit(item) # Python2 generators cannot use return
def proc(env, store):
needle = yield env.process(find_first_needle(env, store))
In SimPy 4 or whith SimPy 3 and Python 3, ``find_first_needle()`` can be
rewritten as:
.. code-block:: python
def find_first_needle(env, store):
while True:
item = yield store.get()
if is_needle(item):
return item # A Python3 generator can return
Sticking with SimPy 3
For applications that are not yet ready to upgrade to SimPy 4 and Python 3, or
that may never upgrade, the SimPy dependency must be pinned to version 3.x.
When installing SimPy with ``pip``, use the following to force the latest SimPy
3.x to be installed:
.. code-block:: shell
pip install 'simpy<4'
A similar version specification can be used in `requirements files
.. code-block:: text
Or in the ``install_requires`` list in a ```` file:
.. code-block:: python
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