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    Create taurus_pyqtgreph repo from tep17 branch of taurus · c846fa61
    Carlos Pascual authored
    Split the pyqtgraph-support code initially developed as part of
    the main taurus project to create the taurus_pyqtgraph independent
    module (hosted in its own repo) that can be loaded as a plugin by
    This repo starts off from the code as it was in commit 50456cc in
    the taurus repo and extracts the pyqtgraph-related code and adapts
    the and metadata files.
    The history up to 50456cc can still be checked from the taurus repo,
    but we squashed it into this initial commit to make the
    taurus_pyqtgraph repo lighter.
    Bellow is a log dumped from the taurus repo listing only the commits
    related to pyqtgraph using the following commands on a taurus repo:
    git checkout 50456cc
    git log -- lib/taurus/qt/qtgui/extra_pyqtgraph lib/taurus/qt/qtgui/tpg
    commit 9a72b8504a0763f11f7a972188650cfb0483434c
    Author: cpascual <>
    Date:   Mon Dec 11 16:10:31 2017 +0100
        Fix Y2 setting by CurvesAppearanceChooser
        The implementation...
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