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fixup! Update last week's notes

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......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ Had a bit of a stressful time picking up the food, being told to go to different
Got some really lovely presents, I've got some lovely peeps in my life.
- Had four trees up in the house - got a lovely one from Bloom and Wild from the family, we had a small one already, then Anna's jazzy one for her office, and our primary tree in the living room
- Morph is still settling in OK, and doesn't seem to be stressed, which is still very positive and is helping my stress levels too!
- He's not understood how doors work (not helped by me teaching him to tap it, not pull it) as he's had to unlearn years of door knowledge
- He's quite insistent he be able to explore the house a bit more, which has been a bit annoying, trying to be aware of where he is and that the doors are closed
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