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- Was privileged to speak at work's Women in Tech Monthly alongside some awesome engineers about Hacktoberfest
- Hacktoberfest has begun, and I've managed to get my first 4 contributions in, luckily, so I'm feeling less of the pressure, but the tracker didn't work for a while as it wouldn't (yet) handle the SSO for work being declined, so only just started appearing on my profile
- Watched a lot of _Dynasty_
- Uncle Mike's funeral on Friday
- Went to the Ruddington Arms afterwards for the wake, was nice to catch up with people, and had a super duper tasty buffet
- Had Mum and Dad stay till Saturday afternoon, and got some more time to catch up, and be with Cookie
- Went to Broxtowe Park for a walk with Cookie, then Broad Oak for lunch, which was mostly OK, although Cookie wasn't perfect, we managed to eat a nice pie and have a drink
- Cookie's spent yesterday afternoon and almost all of today napping 🥰
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