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......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ A week focussed around looking forward to the new job:
- I'm 99% sure the person who let slip about me looking elsewhere is the person I first told at work - and who I asked to keep it secret - but 🤷
- I've had a tonne of post views on LinkedIn (~4500 impressions) and Twitter (~3500 impressions) and ~500 views on the post itself - and it's been fun constantly checking my stats/on each platform
- Got some [celebratory Doughnotts]( which were very nommy!
- Found a number of broken links on Saturday in my announce post, which is pretty mortifying!
- Some more slow work on the Gherkin formatter, which is proving to be a rather painful endeavour - but [having some more progress](/mf2/2021/08/igdrs/), albeit with further rewrites
- Had a nice chat with Rich and Soph - who surprised us with the fact that they'd bought a house and moved in?!
- Capital One have given the whole business next Friday off as holiday which is nice - so looking forward to this week being a three day week 👏
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