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......@@ -3,12 +3,13 @@ title: "Week Notes 20#48"
description: "What happened in the week of 2020-11-23?"
date: 2020-11-29T22:29:21+0000
A stressful week, ending in feeling a little bit run down:
A stressful week, ending in feeling a little bit run down and the start of a slump:
- An especially contentious week of house conversations, with lots of "three-way conversations" and a bit more back-and-forth than expected to get things ready for exchange.
- Managed to get all my documents in on Friday, though, so not so bad in the end
- A little concerned about the lead time before completion, even if we do exchange very soon, but I guess we'll see
- It's been good to have a final look into the house - especially with how _nice_ it felt being in it - and getting the last bits sorted, as well as being able to really start thinking about what we want to do straight after we move in
- Not enjoying our fourth link in the chain
- Found it incredibly nostalgic when using Apex Legends' default music one day, which completely transported me back to first playing it!
- Had a chilled Homebrew with the crew which was more like a general catchup than anything - it coincided with the new tiers announcement, and I wouldn't say everyone was super enthused
- Been a generally alright week at work:
......@@ -21,7 +22,9 @@ A stressful week, ending in feeling a little bit run down:
- Barely anything of note in Black Friday, which has been a shame
- Had a Sunday nice walk at the Attenborough Nature Reserve
- Found a hair growing out of my scar, which is a little weird, but maybe it's healing?
- Had a pretty good shop at Lidl stocking up on some dark chocolate goodness
- Had to rewatch certain bits of _The Mandalorian_ just becasue of how cute The Child is!!
- Slept pretty well this week, but I think it's because I've just been so exhausted
- Watched _Iron Man 2_
- Watched _The Incredible Hulk_
- Watched _The Grinch_ with Anna and Cat (remotely) so Xmas is now starting!
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