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Update last week's notes

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......@@ -29,6 +29,9 @@ A busy week ahead of the start of a week off:
- We've also had a slightly larger ginger cat, but I've not interacted with it yet
- Been very cute, and their little noms while trying to eat things is very cute
- Had our first real roast in over a year and a half, which was well worth the trip into a quiet Kendal, at [Ye Old Fleece Inn](! Had a walk around the Castle ruins and then had a very good chocolate orange brownie and a Malteasers millionaire shortbread at [Tilly's Desserts](
- Having difficulty deciding on the gift for my 5 year anniversary at work - hoping to get some other options
- Mum got her Covid booster shot
- As I was packing to leave for holiday, I found that my headphones have cracked a little - gonna have to see if John Lewis will be able to replace them
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