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......@@ -25,3 +25,5 @@ A slog of a week and _A Little Chaos_ being the metaphorical soundtrack to the w
- Morph's been enjoying sitting on one of the dining room chairs, waiting for us coming in
- Watched a lot of _Between Two Ferns_ on YouTube, and am still not sure if it's quite real, but there are some really great - and painful - interviews
- Started watching the new season of _Big Mouth_
- Didn't do any ring fit ahead of the move
- Definitely feeling myself burning out
......@@ -30,3 +30,5 @@ Also:
- A difficult sprint planning due to reduced capacity, too much work to do, and not wanting to stretch ourselves unnecessarily given it's winding down for the year!
- Had a quiet last day of work on Thursday, but then had a bit of stress due to some innersourcing - I'll be interested to see how things happened when I'm back in the office
- Got my blog out for my new IndieAuth server, and got a fair bit of traffic from the various aggregators I'd posted it to
- Been finding my hands very sore and dry after all this manual labour!
- Learnt that you can say "Alexa, dismiss" instead of "Alexa, stop", and it doesn't have the risk of another Alexa hearing you and stopping the music!
......@@ -37,3 +37,6 @@ Been pretty chaotic with quite a few things needing to be bought / replaced and
- Had a pretty bad week for sleep - poor eating and stress hasn't helped
- Got [Moving On by Phaeleh]( on repeat a fair bit this weekend
- Fit the washing machine myself, which I was pretty happy with (even if it is a small thing overall)
- A week of very dry hands
- Attempted to take the oven from the old house, and got as far as almost getting it into the car before realising it wouldn't quite fit - in any of the combinations we put - for safety reasons. So close, but at least we didn't need to then take it out of the car, and bring it back to the old house
- Been using the living room as a "cat lock" (airlock) for Morph to allow us to safely move in and out of downstairs without him being able to escape
......@@ -31,3 +31,5 @@ A bit of a blue end to the year / start to the new one.
- Watched a lot of _Saturday Night Live_ on YouTube
- Watched _Office Christmas Party_
- Watched _The Bourne Identity_
- Anna got a bread maker, which has been very exciitng, and we're hoping to start reducing our need to go outside for key supplies (i.e. bread)
- Realised we probably should've cut my hair, as it's very much getting in my eyes
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