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title: "Week Notes 22#38"
description: "What happened in the week of 2022-09-19?"
date: "2022-09-25T23:00:00Z"
draft: true
date: 2022-09-25T21:55:13+0100
- Had Saturday free, as Anna's parents did some Cookie care
- Ending the weekend feeling a little run down
- Onsite
- ??
- Cookie waited for her dinner, as Anna's parents couldn't remember how to tell her it was OK to eat 🥺 she's such a good girl
- We went to do some shopping ahead of Claire and Tom's wedding next week, then went for our first inside dinner out since March at _Botti di Mamma_
- Ending the weekend feeling a little run down, and very much hoping it's not Covid 😳
- Down to London for my team's onsite!
- Managed to get the train within literally _one minute_ of it leaving. There were reduced carriages as well so a bit difficult to get a seat, but fortunately got one in the end
- Found being on a train was great at focussing me and I managed to write my "year later on the salary post" post. Although thanks to a report on Slack that I'd messed up the table and a large chunk of the post was in the `<table>` 😅
- Some good sessions on the formal and informal days
- Got a good shake from Shake Shack again, and a pretty good burger
- Had [BiBimbap Togo]( which was _so good_ that I ended up having it two days in a row 😋 the second day I had an extra helping of sweet chili KFC cause it was so good
- Had a great social at Immersive Gamebox, was a different experience to what I thought it would be, but was fun and interesting to see how they made the Squid Games' games work
- Had a good time at the SuperStar BBQ, where we had some really yum Korean BBQ 😋
- Surprised myself by joining for karaoke, and had fun despite my singing voice most definitely not being good
- The informal day had some good sessions, and then some chilled time after, but struggled to get my Hacktoberfest post ready to go until I'd headed down to my desk and stuck headphones on to just power through it
- Was good to see people, meet some new folks, and generally build on some of the relationships I've already built, and glad to have had a good few days in which to do so
- While I was in London, and Anna at daycare, Morph travelled upstairs for some love, and we've had a few times this week that we've had him in the living room
- Got my Steam Deck - probably a bit of a frivolous buy, but looking forward to trying a few other games on it
- It was well timed as I just got to the final boss of Rogue Legacy this week, so now I can move onto the next one on the Steam Deck
- I've kicked off Hacktoberfest prep at work, which I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes over the month, and I've got some work blog posts planned to come out of it, too
- Tonight I finally got my heirloom shards for Apex Legends! Well over level 500, nice to get them
- On a walk today, Cookie and I got growled at - over a wall - by a particularly crabby cat(?) that sounded more like a lion than a cat
- Anna's been playing _Return to Monkey Island_ today and I've been enjoying some of the story and dialogue
- Cookie's been _super_ sleepy today and has been very cute 🥰
- Got our Crocs after a long-ish wait, but they're comfy and liking them so far!
- Cookie's not been super happy with Morph - and in fact chased him this evening - but generally is getting bettar
- Been spending some time thinking about improving how I manage my TODO lists and prioritisation
- _Rogue Legacy_
- _Rogue Legacy 2_
......@@ -17,3 +42,5 @@ Watched:
- _Fate: The Winx Saga_
- _Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power_
- _Love is Blind_
- _I Used to be Famous_
- _Beautiful Creatures_
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