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......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ A quadruple meetup week, being very busy at work, and an overnight:
- Morph's been a little frustrating this week
- Got yet another side project - `` (yet to be published) as a way to keep my CV updated, using `h-resume`, and see what it looks like and how it applies to the current job market
- A safer Ikea trip on Tuesday, and managed to look at some of the nice stuff and get some ideas. Ordered some of the spare room stuff at the weekend, although the bed went out of stock while we were measuring things up, and the mattress didn't arrive today when it was meant to
- Started on the prep for the painting of the spare room, but didn't get around to the painting
- A bad Ring Fit week - Wednesday I meant to do it later in the day / mid-morning as I didn't wanna get up early after my overnight, but didn't, and Friday I got bits for lunch with Emma just didn't do Ring Fit
- One of the local strays (that I think has worms...) got about a foot into the house before we realised and chased it away - but Morph _definitely_ saw it and was not happy
- Officially had my council tax be re-evaluated and bumped up a band - not impressed!
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