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Rusty Starship is a collection of tools for the N-Gage gaming console.

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    Fixed a bug that caused garbage data at the end of dumps. Made many other improvements. · c8a3fa85
    Raul Tambre authored
    The dumping bug occured for dumps, whose size wasn't divisible by 0x1000.
    The end of such dumps contain 0x1000-((size of good dump)%0x1000) bytes of duplicate data from the previously written chunk.
    The bug occured due to the dumper always writing 0x1000 bytes to the dump file, instead of number of bytes read from memory.
    Thus the end of the buffer contained data from the previously written chunk.
    ROOT section dumps are the most likely to be affected by this bug.
    Other changes:
    * Use _LIT() macro everywhere instead of _L(). This improves performance and reduces executable size.
    * The Symbian dumper will now determine the ROM size from the ROM header instead of incrementally checking addresses using User::IsRomAddress().
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