Commit 2a7963a3 authored by Tiago Gomes's avatar Tiago Gomes

Include all artifacts if not explicitly given

Include all the stratum artifacts if no one was explicitly given using
the `artifact` field when building a system.

This fixes a problem where the non-minimal systems in definitions were
not including the artifacts on build-essential-minimal.
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......@@ -31,20 +31,6 @@ def install_split_artifacts(dn):
sandbox to the dn['install']
all_splits = []
for i in app.defs.defaults.get_split_rules('stratum'):
all_splits += [i['artifact']]
for index, content in enumerate(dn['contents']):
for stratum, artifacts in content.items():
if artifacts == []:
if config.get('default-splits', []) != []:
for split in config.get('default-splits'):
artifacts += [app.defs.get(stratum)['name'] + split]
for split in all_splits:
artifacts += [os.path.basename(stratum) + split]
dn['contents'][index] = {stratum: artifacts}
for content in dn['contents']:
key = content.keys()[0]
......@@ -53,19 +39,25 @@ def install_split_artifacts(dn):
def move_required_files(dn, stratum, artifacts):
log(dn, 'Installing %s artifacts' % stratum['name'], artifacts)
stratum_metadata = get_metadata(stratum)
split_stratum_metadata = {}
split_stratum_metadata['products'] = []
to_keep = []
for product in stratum_metadata['products']:
for artifact in artifacts:
if artifact == product['artifact']:
to_keep += product['components']
log(dn, 'Splitting artifacts:', artifacts, verbose=True)
log(dn, 'Splitting components:', to_keep, verbose=True)
if not artifacts:
# Include all artifacts if no ones were explicitly given for an
# included stratum on a system.
artifacts = [p['artifact'] for p in stratum_metadata['products']]
to_keep = [component
for product in stratum_metadata['products']
for component in product['components']
if product['artifact'] in artifacts]
split_stratum_metadata['products'] = (
for product in stratum_metadata['products']
if product['artifact'] in artifacts])
log(dn, 'Installing %s artifacts' % stratum['name'], artifacts)
log(dn, 'Installing components:', to_keep, verbose=True)
baserockpath = os.path.join(dn['install'], 'baserock')
if not os.path.isdir(baserockpath):
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