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Commit 6a4681ff authored by Siddharth Sheth's avatar Siddharth Sheth
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[TODO] Added EXT:ns_snow

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.. include:: ../Includes.txt
.. _faq:
Get This Extension
Get this extension from or
.. include:: ../Includes.txt
You can configure all the settings of Snow as described below:
- **Step 1:** Go to Template.
- **Step 2:** Select root page.
- **Step 3:** Select Constant Editor > Plugin.Tx_Nssnow_Nssnow (13).
- **Step 4:** Now, you can configure all the options which you want eg., Enable/Disable Snow, Flack color, Flack count etc., See below screenshot.
.. figure:: Images/snow_configuration.png
:alt: Snow Configuration
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.. This is 'Includes.txt'. It is included at the very top of each and
every ReST source file in THIS documentation project (= manual).
.. role:: aspect (emphasis)
.. role:: html(code)
.. role:: js(code)
.. role:: php(code)
.. role:: typoscript(code)
.. role:: ts(typoscript)
:class: typoscript
.. default-role:: code
.. highlight:: php
.. include:: Includes.txt
.. toctree::
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.. include:: ../Includes.txt
.. _installation:
Just install this extension the usual way like any other TYPO3 extension.
1. Get the extension
**Via Composer using Command Line**
composer require nitsan/ns-snow:dev-master
**Via Extensions Module**
In the TYPO3 backend you can use the extension manager (EM).
Step 1. Switch to the module “Extension Manager”.
Step 2. Get the extension
Step 3. Get it from the Extension Manager: Press the “Retrieve/Update” button and search for the extension key ns_snow and import the extension from the repository.
Step 4. Get it from You can always get the current version from by downloading either the t3x or zip version. Upload the file afterwards in the Extension Manager.
.. figure:: Images/install_extension.png
:alt: Install Extension
2. Activate the TypoScript
The extension ships some static TypoScript code which needs to be included.
Step 1. Switch to the root page of your site.
Step 2. Switch to the Template module and select Info/Modify.
Step 3. Click the link Edit the whole template record and switch to the tab Includes.
Step 4. Select [NITSAN] Snow at the field Include static (from extensions):
Step 5. Include [NITSAN] Snow at the last place.
.. figure:: Images/activate_typoscript.png
:alt: Activate Typoscript
:width: 1300

.. include:: ../Includes.txt
[NITSAN] Snow Fall Plugin
.. figure:: Images/ext-snow-banner.jpg
:alt: Extension Banner
**This Christmas, Let it snow with our extension ns_snow!**
Christmas time? Do you want to add traditional snowfall to your TYPO3 site? Just use this plug-n-play TYPO3 extension with easy to use backend configuration.
What does it do?
Spread the cheers of winter by adding beautiful snowflakes and snowfall to your website.
Christmas Snow spreads the cheer of Christmas by adding beautiful snowflakes and snow-fall animation to your TYPO3 website with our little addon ns_snow and all the pages will show falling flakes of snow!
To make up for the lack of snow in our virtual world, you should see the snowflakes slowly zigging and zagging as they fall from the virtual sky!
**Key features of ns_snow extension:**
- Easy for admin to manage.
- Easy to enable or disable this extension from admin panel.
- No database and file override is required for this extension.
- Free extension.
- Friendly and flexible configuration.
- Cross-browsers compatibility.
- No conflict with other extensions.
- Make website Christmas ready!
.. figure:: Images/snow.png
:alt: Snow Plugin
.. include:: ../Includes.txt
1. Email:
2. Web:
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