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.. _faq:
Get This Extension
Get this extension from or
.. include:: ../Includes.txt
Configure Zoho CRM with Powermail
1. Generate Auth Token from Zoho.
You can generate Auth Token for your site by following steps mentioned here:
Once Auth Token is generated, you need to set this at constants.
.. figure:: Images/set_access_token.jpeg
:alt: Set Access Token at Constants
2. Create a Powermail Form at your TYPO3 Backend
.. figure:: Images/powermail_form.jpeg
:alt: Create Powermail Form
Now, you need to map Fields of Powermail with Zoho. You can do it at Constants.
3. Link Powermail form with Zoho at Constants
Constants will list all the possible fields of a lead generated in Zoho. Title of field in Powermail should be set at respective Constant.
Set title of all the Powermail form fields at their respective Constants.
.. figure:: Images/set_constants.jpeg
:alt: Create Powermail Form
Save the Constants. That's it!
Now, When user submit your Powermail Form, a lead will be generated in your Zoho account.
.. This is 'Includes.txt'. It is included at the very top of each and
every ReST source file in THIS documentation project (= manual).
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.. include:: Includes.txt
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.. include:: ../Includes.txt
.. _installation:
Just install this extension the usual way like any other TYPO3 extension.
1. Get the extension
**Via Composer using Command Line**
composer req nitsan/ns-zoho-crm
**Via Extensions Module**
In the TYPO3 backend you can use the extension manager (EM).
Step 1. Switch to the module “Extension Manager”.
Step 2. Get the extension
Step 3. Get it from the Extension Manager: Press the “Retrieve/Update” button and search for the extension key ns_zoho_crm and import the extension from the repository.
Step 4. Get it from You can always get the current version from by downloading either the t3x or zip version. Upload the file afterwards in the Extension Manager.
.. figure:: Images/install_extension.jpeg
:alt: Install Extension
2. Activate the TypoScript
The extension ships some static TypoScript code which needs to be included.
Step 1. Switch to the root page of your site.
Step 2. Switch to the Template module and select Info/Modify.
Step 3. Click the link Edit the whole template record and switch to the tab Includes.
Step 4. Select 'Zoho Api Integration' at the field Include static (from extensions):
Step 5. Include 'Zoho Api Integration' at the last place.
.. figure:: Images/activate_typocript.jpeg
:alt: Activate Typoscript
:width: 1300

.. include:: ../Includes.txt
[NITSAN] Plugin for Zoho API Integration
.. figure:: Images/typo3-ext-zoho.jpg
:alt: Extension Banner
'**[NITSAN] Plugin for Zoho API Integration**' For ZOHO CRM enables to capture data from your contact forms to your CRM as Leads or Contacts. You can push or convert data from default form or contact form embedded into your website as leads.
- Generate forms with or without 3rd party web form.
- Embed forms in Page, Post or extension to capture CRM Lead.
- Captures potential leads to Zoho CRM and Zoho CRM Plus
- Converts new Users as your CRM Contact.
.. include:: ../Includes.txt
1. Email:
2. Web:
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