1. 23 Jan, 2022 2 commits
  2. 20 Jan, 2022 1 commit
  3. 19 Jan, 2022 5 commits
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      Remove debugging code · 08e4a553
      Aaron Suen authored
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      Regenerate bandolier attachments periodically · 0f573537
      Aaron Suen authored
      An engine bug can cause bandolier attachments to become
      detached from the perspective of a player if they and another
      player wander farther than the server's player transfer
      distance from one another and then re-meet later.
      Sometimes the attached entities appear to be floating at the
      place where the player was reloaded from the other player's
      perspective instead of attached.
      Work around this for now by just periodically regenerating
      the bandolier attachments for all players, so that at least if
      it happens, it will self-correct in time and not be stuck
      indefinitely broken.
      This was avoided in the past due to an old engine bug that
      caused attachments that were attached while a player was
      in 3rd person mode not to be visible to that player until they
      toggled view mode again ... but this seems to have been
      fixed at least in recent versions.
      As of now, other-player bandoliers in MP are probably more
      important than own-bandoliers in 3rd person view for most
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      TODO list update · 0d5715ec
      Aaron Suen authored
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      Standardize pummel-completion particles · fe29f441
      Aaron Suen authored
      Any time a pummel recipe is completed, release an extra
      burst of particles.  Useful for recipes that seem to be
      taking forever to complete but only because they're
      repeatedly completing but not giving any visible hint,
      e.g. leaf-bud-tickling.
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      Make sure nodecore.match supports aliases · 67f8abd1
      Aaron Suen authored
  4. 18 Jan, 2022 1 commit
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      Experimental API for adjusting in-game time · 28e2fd55
      Aaron Suen authored
      Everything in NodeCore should already be using
      nodecore.gametime instead of minetest.get_gametime().
      This API allows an offset to be adjusted between these,
      allowing for skipping forward in time.
      The idea is to offer an optional "realtime clock" feature via
      a mod or config option to allow mobile SP players to advance
      time forward for idle mechanics when the game is not
      loaded and running, via the realtime clock, to make idle
      mechanics more accessible to players on limited battery.
  5. 17 Jan, 2022 4 commits
  6. 16 Jan, 2022 5 commits
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      Fix leaf decay forcing, changed field name · 9637299f
      Aaron Suen authored
      Handles both natural decay and manual digging.
      New field name more properly reflects actual meaning.
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      Allow forcing leaf drops via node meta · 32b2ea15
      Aaron Suen authored
      This can be useful for skyblock mods to ensure that a
      "starting tree" has at least enough of certain items to
      craft basic tools and start sustained tree farming.
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      Storeboxes: don't fall in unless you can fall thru · 73868f20
      Aaron Suen authored
      There isn't always a surface below to catch items
      that fall into a storebox, so we can't guarantee an
      item that falls into a storebox won't just fall out
      the bottom.  Only allow falling in the top if falling
      out the bottom is allowed too.
      This fixes glass cases not catching items if the
      case is floating in air with nothing solid below it.
      There are still some cases it doesn't handle
      correctly, like a bare stack node underneath a
      form, wherein the item should be allowed to fall
      out of the form and combine into the stack.
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      Allow ambiance check to return a simple true · 1ad5bde1
      Aaron Suen authored
      Allow use of true to indicate no custom options.  The check
      was originally put in place to allow custom options, but
      some mods may use it more simply like the craft check,
      where it's meant to be a simple pass/fail.
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      Fix license dates · 4c2ec0c9
      Aaron Suen authored
  7. 15 Jan, 2022 13 commits
  8. 12 Jan, 2022 2 commits
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      Change how optic ungluing works · d1b6c033
      Aaron Suen authored
      Instead of digging the glue off by hand and freeing
      up the optic to rotate again, it must be fully dug by
      a tool, to further prevent accidental ungluing.
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      Fix cooking/cooling in storebox regression · bf8f74b3
      Aaron Suen authored
      Allow matching to work explicitly with items inside
      containers if so marked, and automatically mark
      all cooking/cooling recipes thus.
  9. 09 Jan, 2022 7 commits