Commit 51668842 authored by Jaroslav Lichtblau's avatar Jaroslav Lichtblau

sko 3 photos layout final cleanup and tweak

- instruction table moved a little
- instruction text ammended slightly too
parent 42be47e4
L10N = {
"gallery": "Gallery",
"startScreen": "<h1>Press the button to take three photos<br><hr>Wait for the printout<br><hr>No paper in printer? Please refill!<br><br><\/h1>Photobooth presented by<br>Event IT Support Team<br>upstream code by Andr\u00e9 Rinas",
"startScreen": "<h1>Press the red button to take 3 photos<br><hr>Look into the camera!<br><hr>Wait for the printout<br><br><\/h1>Paper or toner out?<br>Feel free to refill!<br><br>Photobooth presented by<br>the Event IT Support Team<br>upstream code by Andr\u00e9 Rinas",
"takePhoto": "Take Picture!",
"home": "Home",
"qr": "QR Code",
......@@ -375,7 +375,7 @@ hr.small {
width: 600px;
height: 950px;
position: absolute;
top: 55%;
top: 64%;
margin-top: -350px;
color: #fff;
text-align: center;
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