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Updates for BioJulia

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**Bioinformatics, genomics, agriculture, food science, medicine, genetic engineering, etc...**
+ [API's](#api's)
+ [BIOINFORMATICS](#bioinformatics)
+ [BIOMEDICINE](#biomedicine)
+ [BIOSTATISTICS](#bioinformatics)
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# API's
+ [BioServices.jl]( :: Julia interface to APIs for various bio-related web services
+ [Bio.jl]( :: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Infrastructure for Julia. Wiki documentation of [core features](
+ [Circuitscape.jl]( :: The Julia implementation of the [Circuitscape lib in Python]( that uses electronic circuit theory to solve problems in landscape ecology.
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+ [BioAlignments.jl]( :: Sequence alignment tools in BioJulia
+ [BioArgParse.jl]( :: Extension to 'ArgParse.jl', enabling parsing of command line parameters to types in 'Bio.jl'.
+ [BioFeatures.jl](
+ [BioSeq.jl]( :: Julia's package for working on Bioinformatics with DNA, RNA and Protein Sequences.
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+ [FastaIO.jl]( :: Utilities to read/write FASTA format files in Julia.
+ [FusionDirect.jl]( :: Detect gene fusion directly from raw fastq files.
+ [GenomeAnnotations.jl]( :: Manage Local Genome Annotation files.
+ [GenomeGraphs.jl]( :: A modern genomics framework for julia
+ [GenomicTiles.jl](
+ [Gillespie.jl]( :: Stochastic Gillespie-type simulations using Julia.
+ [gtf-parse-off]( :: Experiments with parsing gene transfer format (GTF).
+ [HTSLIB.jl]( :: A julia wrapper of htslib for accessing common high-throughput sequencing data file formats such as BAM/SAM files.
+ [HyperNEAT.jl]( :: A generative encoding for evolving ANN based on the NeuroEvolution of Augmented Topologies (NEAT) algorithm for evolutionary computation.
+ [IntervalTrees.jl]( :: A data structure for efficient manipulation of sets of intervals.
+ [MerCounting.jl]( :: Kmer counting algorithms and count-data utilities for the BioJulia framework
+ [LCS.jl]( :: A package for finding longest common and longest contiguous subsequences.
+ [OBC.jl]( :: Optimal Bayesian classification for RNA-Seq data.
+ [OpenGene.jl]( :: OpenGene core library in Julia.
......@@ -119,7 +129,7 @@ __Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS)__
###### Resources
+ Wikipedia's [list of RNA-Seq bioinformatics tools](, not many of which are in Julia but depending on the language, they may have an API.
+ [Data Analysis for Genomics]( : This is entirely in R-language but learners can use it to learn Julia.
+ [BioTutorials]( : Tutorial Notebooks of BioJulia
## Molecular Biology
+ [EvoDuplexes.jl]( :: A Julia package to fold all local and long-range RNA duplexes.
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